Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Samuel - Round 6 Inkart Championship

It was round 6 of the Inkart Championship on Sunday at Daytona Manchester.  Six Cadet drivers competed and after a few setbacks during the warm-up session and the three qualifying rounds, which Samuel overcame with steely determination and showed that he is a great competitor.  For the final he was placed third on the grid.

As in previous rounds, the start from the grid line was rather exciting and changed the lineup!

Here is the video from the final:

And the results - Samuel came second!  Here he is getting the trophy from Mark:

Podium finish for the Juniors and Cadets - Samuel is far left next to Aaron who broke the track lap record twice in his final race in the Juniors!

 And Samuel with his trophy!
Overall, he is still placed third in the Championship for Cadets although he has gained valuable points on the second placed Cadet.  Six rounds down, five to go!

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