Friday, 13 July 2012

New Track Layout at Daytona Manchester & Lap Record for Samuel!

The track at Daytona Manchester has been changed and today was the first time it was available.  Jacob had a Bambino practice session (its Formula Bambino tomorrow!) this evening so he could get a head start on the track.

Short video showing the new layout:

And a handout from reception:

Samuel had an Intermediate practice session straight after - only sessions available - and he set the lap record on the Intermediate 275 metre track - 17.418 seconds.  It was the first ever session of a Cadet so we are not sure how long he'll be the record holder for!

On the old track his fastest Intermediate time was 18.3 seconds and it was the same length and the lap record was around 17.3 seconds.  Not sure if this is a quicker track, or if he's greatly improved in the period between, or if he's adapted very quickly to the new layout!  We shall see on Sunday when he has a proper practice session (he's booked in for two) with other Cadets and Juniors on the Advanced 450m layout.

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