Sunday, 17 June 2012

Even Better Personal Best!

After last Sunday and Samuel smashing his previous personal best time we thought it might be a while before he does it again.  But no, he did it again this morning!

It was 25.618 seconds and this morning he knocked a further 0.11 seconds off and set a 25.508 second lap.  He actually came very close again a few laps later.

We think that if he'd had a decent amount of clear track in front of him, he'd have got it down even further!  Samuel said afterwards that he had changed his approach to the second hairpin bend so that is why his time is coming down.

And the fastest lap time on the top photo is wrong - 3 seconds??!!

Thanks to Nick who tweeted this blog via Daytona Motorsport earlier in the week (12 June)


  1. Sounds like your new approach to that hairpin worked a treat Samuel! Well done on breaking your personal best AGAIN! :)

  2. I'll show this blog to my kids. They also love kart racing and dreaming of becoming professional f1 racer. Congratulations for beating your best time record. Keep it up!


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