Friday, 31 May 2013

ARKS Test for Samuel

Samuel took his ARKS test yesterday at Hooton Park.  He remembered all his flags and what they were for (including the cake one!) and he was watched whilst out on track by the examiner to make sure that he was competent.  Needless to say, he passed!

And no blog post should be without a few photos so here are some.

As it turns out, he wasn't well when undertaking his test which probably explains the hard eyes in the first photo!

The application for his MSA race licence has been sent and we are hoping he can race soon although he will be classed as a Novice and will race under black and white numbers until he is 'signed off'.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Samuel - Round 2 IRK Championship - Three Sisters

Round 2 of the IRK Championship was held on Sunday 19 May at the 3 Sisters racetrack at Wigan.  Samuel qualified in 7th place from 12 racers (IAME, Honda, WTP and Comer Cadet engines all raced together) on the Club circuit and set a 50.602 lap time.

He finished in 5th place over 10 laps in heat 1 with a time of 50.157 seconds, 5th place again in heat 2 with an improved time of 49.996.

He was placed 4th on the grid for the final and finished overall in 5th place but won the Honda engine category and set his best time of 49.681.  Which he was really pleased with (I think more than wining the category!)

Footage of the final:

And here he is with his trophy:

Round 3 is on 16 June and I hope the weather is just as nice!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Jacob On The Podium Again!

Sunday 12 May was round 5 of the Formula Bambino Championship at Daytona Manchester.  Jacob was still the lap record holder!

He was in heats 2 and 4 along with other quick drivers and he just didn't look comfortable in his first heat and actually finished 4th out of the 5 drivers.

In his second heat he really looked a lot more confident and finished first.  However, we didn't know any of this until the announcements in reverse order following the race!  I didn't think Jacob had managed to secure a podium finish, but he actually managed to pull it all back in the second heat and completed in the second fastest time (average of the two heats) overall.

So here he is on the podium:

 And with his second place trophy which now has pride of place next to his first place trophy!

Samuel is back in action on Sunday 19 May at 3 Sisters in the IRK Championship.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Samuel - Round 1 IKR Championship - Three Sisters

Samuel entered a brand new championship aimed at non MSA drivers at the Three Sisters race track in Wigan.  Round one of the IKR Championship was held on 21 April.

There were 3 Hondas racing against Iame and Comer engines and there were 11 racers overall in the Cadets.  He qualifed 9th and then moved up to 7th after the first heat.  The second heat was a bit more nailbiting as he didn't make it very far due to an incident with another kart - race footage taken with a GoPro Hero 3 black mounted on the front of the kart is below.

He was taken off track by the paramedics in the ambulance and given a through check over - he was ok and fit to race although he had missed heat 2.  He started 9th on the grid for the final and at this point it had started to rain although not too heavy.

Samuel enjoys racing in the wet and he picked off the drivers in front of him lap by lap and finished overall in 5th place, just 0.27 seconds behind 4th place.  He finished second in the Honda class and all the results can be viewed HERE. Footage below of the final

And here he is with his second place trophy:

Round 2 takes place on 19 May