Friday, 17 May 2013

Jacob On The Podium Again!

Sunday 12 May was round 5 of the Formula Bambino Championship at Daytona Manchester.  Jacob was still the lap record holder!

He was in heats 2 and 4 along with other quick drivers and he just didn't look comfortable in his first heat and actually finished 4th out of the 5 drivers.

In his second heat he really looked a lot more confident and finished first.  However, we didn't know any of this until the announcements in reverse order following the race!  I didn't think Jacob had managed to secure a podium finish, but he actually managed to pull it all back in the second heat and completed in the second fastest time (average of the two heats) overall.

So here he is on the podium:

 And with his second place trophy which now has pride of place next to his first place trophy!

Samuel is back in action on Sunday 19 May at 3 Sisters in the IRK Championship.

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