Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Samuel - Round 2 IRK Championship - Three Sisters

Round 2 of the IRK Championship was held on Sunday 19 May at the 3 Sisters racetrack at Wigan.  Samuel qualified in 7th place from 12 racers (IAME, Honda, WTP and Comer Cadet engines all raced together) on the Club circuit and set a 50.602 lap time.

He finished in 5th place over 10 laps in heat 1 with a time of 50.157 seconds, 5th place again in heat 2 with an improved time of 49.996.

He was placed 4th on the grid for the final and finished overall in 5th place but won the Honda engine category and set his best time of 49.681.  Which he was really pleased with (I think more than wining the category!)

Footage of the final:

And here he is with his trophy:

Round 3 is on 16 June and I hope the weather is just as nice!

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