Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Samuel - Round 6 Inkart Championship

It was round 6 of the Inkart Championship on Sunday at Daytona Manchester.  Six Cadet drivers competed and after a few setbacks during the warm-up session and the three qualifying rounds, which Samuel overcame with steely determination and showed that he is a great competitor.  For the final he was placed third on the grid.

As in previous rounds, the start from the grid line was rather exciting and changed the lineup!

Here is the video from the final:

And the results - Samuel came second!  Here he is getting the trophy from Mark:

Podium finish for the Juniors and Cadets - Samuel is far left next to Aaron who broke the track lap record twice in his final race in the Juniors!

 And Samuel with his trophy!
Overall, he is still placed third in the Championship for Cadets although he has gained valuable points on the second placed Cadet.  Six rounds down, five to go!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Formula Bambino Powerlap Board!

Jacob got on the Formula Bambino Powerlap board again following the June round at Daytona Manchester.  He's holding up four fingers as he is fourth on the board (and finished fourth).  The race report is available to view online on the Daytona website - the link is in the sidebar.

Round 7 is on 14 July.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Even Better Personal Best!

After last Sunday and Samuel smashing his previous personal best time we thought it might be a while before he does it again.  But no, he did it again this morning!

It was 25.618 seconds and this morning he knocked a further 0.11 seconds off and set a 25.508 second lap.  He actually came very close again a few laps later.

We think that if he'd had a decent amount of clear track in front of him, he'd have got it down even further!  Samuel said afterwards that he had changed his approach to the second hairpin bend so that is why his time is coming down.

And the fastest lap time on the top photo is wrong - 3 seconds??!!

Thanks to Nick who tweeted this blog via Daytona Motorsport earlier in the week (12 June)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Personal Best

Samuel managed to beat his previous fastest lap this morning at Daytona Manchester!  He set a 25.618 second lap and he had the fastest average of all 10 drivers.

It was a really good session with 9 out of the 10 drivers setting lap times of under 26 seconds.  Jordan and Andre also set their personal bests.

Click on the picture below for a larger image.

Jacob finished fourth again yesterday in round 6 of the Formula Bambino Championship - hopefully next month he will get to stand on the podium!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Getting Better

Samuel had another Karting Blast session on Bank Holiday Monday at the Three Sisters Race Track and this time he went on track with 4 Junior drivers and 2 other Cadets.

Last time he went his best time was 59.204 seconds which was around 2 seconds faster than his first visit.  And this time he managed a 56.628 which, we were told, was one of the fastest times they had seen from that particular kart.

He finished third fastest overall behind two Junior drivers, but beating the other two Cadets and the remaining two Juniors, which considering the Junior karts can go around 20mph faster than the Cadet karts, its not too bad!

On the photo below, I'd seen that Samuel was coming up to go past the two Junior drivers and by the time I'd panned the camera round, he'd gone past them on the bend!

The lap record for Cadet drivers is 51.2 seconds and that is in a race ready specific racing kart, tuned to the individual drivers requirements - not an arrive and drive kart. 

Samuel has another session booked for a few weeks' time!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Some Overtaking

Samuel seems to have got to grips with overtaking and here he is yesterday in his practice session - two short videos for you!

Second video:

Next Saturday is Jacob's round 6 Formula Bambino.