Monday 10 December 2012

Samuel Round 11 - Inkart Championship

It was round 11 of the Inkart Championship at Daytona Manchester on 25 November and it was also the final round of the season.

Samuel was placed 5th, 1st and 5th to start on the grid in his three heats and he managed decent finishes to be placed third on the grid for the final.

The final was fairly static so here is a video from the third and final round as he starts 5th on the grid.

He manages to move up a few places and then gets a black flag for advantage by contact so he then has to drive into the sin-bin which moves him to the back of the heat.  So from 7th place he then manages to move up and finishes 4th.  Not bad considering there are only 10 laps in the heat and a lap is done in around 30 seconds if not quicker!  And its not an easy track to overtake on.

He starts in the final in third place and finishes in third.  Which means he's won his 9th trophy of the season from 11 rounds and takes second place overall in the Cadet Championship in his first year of karting - 18 months ago he'd never been in a kart!

Here he is on the podium with Saul and Jordan:

And with the Juniors and their trophies:

And Samuel and Jordan together!

The race report can be viewed by clicking on the link in the sidebar if you want to have a read!!

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