Monday, 26 November 2012

Third Outdoor Race - Hooton Park

Samuel completed his third outdoor race on Sunday 18 November 2012 at Hooton Park.  He'd had a good practice on the day before and the weather was a lot nicer this month than the previous one!

There was a field of 18 Cadets and following the qualifying session, Samuel started in 15th place for heat one:

He didn't have a particularly good start but the lights were already showing green, then turned to red and then back to green, hence his stop-go-stop-go start! Despite this he finished in 12th place, and had a better start in heat two:

He finished in 9th place which gave him a 9th place grid start for the final:
By the first corner he was up into third place but ended up loosing places when he was forced off onto the grass by another driver although Samuel managed to rejoin the race. He finished 11th overall.

Last outdoor race of the year is on 16 December.  Apologies for the light sabre effect - I can't help where the sun is place in relation to grid starts!!

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