Sunday, 28 October 2012

Samuel's Second Outdoor Race - Hooton Park

Samuel took part in his second outdoor race on Sunday 21 October at Hooton Park.  He'd had a good solid practice day on the Saturday and was prepared for Sunday!  It was really heavy fog at the track - so much so that you couldn't see most of the track which was a bit worrying in the morning practice sessions as Samuel has a black suit, black helmet and black visor.....!

By the time qualifying came the dense fog had lifted and it was a glorious (but cold!) sunny day - the kind of sun that is really low in the sky and rather blinding!

He qualified in 21st place from 27 drivers and here is the video of the grid start with Samuel more or less camera centre (I zoomed in a little just in case!)  Just watch how many he manages to get past before he's lost in the engine smoke!

From this heat he finished in 17th place which meant he started the second heat in that place on the grid:

And he finished 16th which determined his placing in the final.  I didn't actually see his little skirmish with the back wheels of the kart in front as I was struggling to see with the sun right in my eyes and trying to video him but Samuel didn't actually realise what he'd done until we told him afterwards!

He finished overall 20th out of a field of 27 drivers which is not bad although his grid starts were good he just needed to keep the pace around the track.

Next outdoor race is Sunday 18 November and I'm not expecting the weather to be as kind!

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