Sunday, 7 October 2012

Samuel - Round 9 Inkart Championship

Last Sunday was round 9 of the Inkart Championship at Daytona Manchester.  Samuel went into the race in second place overall in the Championship despite a rather inconsistent round 8 when he finished 5th.

From the random grid placings, he won the first heat, fifth in heat two and finished third in the last heat.  This meant he had gained 30 points and was placed in third place on the grid in the final.

He managed to keep the fourth place driver behind him for the full 20 laps although Samuel would have pulled away and challenged for second place, if the kart had been performing at its maximum, as he is usually a good half a second faster than the driver behind him.

So despite a few heart-stopping moments, Samuel finished third and here are the photos from the podium and also the video of the final:

 And the video:

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