Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Manchester and Buxton Kart Club - August - First Place!

Another weekend - another race!  This time at Three Sisters, Wigan for the Manchester and Buxton round 8 race.  This was to be Samuel's last race as a Novice.

In Heat 1 Samuel finished first for the Honda's and 11th overall (from 17) in all the Cadets, moving up 4 places from his start position.  He set a time of 52.93 on the Valley circuit.  The heat was red flagged due to an incident at Valley and the driver didn't compete for the rest of the day.

Heat 2 Samuel he gained 3 places and again was the fastest Honda.  In Heat 3 he again gained 3 places, was the fastest Honda but the race was red flagged as another Honda driver tangled with Samuel forcing him off, leaving a streak of black rubber across the side of his seat.  Samuel was fine and drove back round to scrutineering.  Two of the IAME drivers were not so lucky at the same point at Valley and both had to be treated and neither raced in the final.

In the final, Samuel stormed home to take first place for the Honda's (and also Top Novice!) and here he is on the podium:

And if you are keeping tally, that is 3 trophies from his last 3 races and takes his overall total to 22 podiums and trophies in 20 months!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Cheshire Kart Club - August - Top Novice Again!

Samuel took top Honda Novice again at the Cheshire Kart Club on 18 August.  He set a 43.77 lap in the first heat after starting 11th on the grid and finishing 11th out of the Hondas and Comer Cadets.  Heat 2 he did a 44.19 and finished 8th overall (3rd from 5 Honda's).

And in the final he went quicker and set a 43.87 finishing 3rd overall in the Honda's and top Novice.  Not his best time but still good enough to get on the podium and to take away a trophy!

He now has just one Novice race left before he can race properly and not start from the back each time.

Three of the boys came away with trophies - Garrett in first place for IAME and Alex with top IAME Novice - and they are all with Ryan from CKS.

Next race is 25 August!

Friday, 16 August 2013

Samuel - IKR Championship - Round 4

Last Saturday saw Round 4 of the IKR Championship at the Three Sisters Race Circuit at Wigan and it was on the Valley circuit.

There were 12 Cadets in total and two Honda's.  Samuel qualified in 9th place overall and then finished 5th in heat 1.  5th again in heat 2 and in heat 3 he again finished in 5th place and set his personal best with a 52.679 second lap!

For the final he finished 5th overall and beat his fastest lap with a 52.421!  He also finished first for the Honda engines and claimed a podium finish.

He enjoyed the day and completed some smooth and carefully manoeuvred overtakes against other drivers with faster engines with relative ease.

Photo of him and Sam P on the podium:

The video below is from the final:

Next race is on 18 August at Hooton Park!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Manchester & Buxton Kart Club - Top Novice!

Samuel's second race as a Novice was on Sunday 28 July at the Manchester and Buxton Kart Club round 7 Championship at the Three Sisters Race track at Wigan.  This time it was on the Valley circuit and he did much better than the last round!  The weather was better too although it alternated between glorious sunshine and torrential rain!

There were 12 Honda Cadets in total and because of his Novice status he started either 11th or 12th on the grid for each of the three heats (pre-set grid positions).  Heat 1 he finished in 10th place, heat 2 8th place and heat 3 in 6th place.  This meant he started in 8th place on the grid for the final and he did much better with the rolling grid starts too!

He finished in 7th place overall and took the Top Novice trophy!

Next race is 10 August - IKR Championship round 4.