Monday, 12 August 2013

Manchester & Buxton Kart Club - Top Novice!

Samuel's second race as a Novice was on Sunday 28 July at the Manchester and Buxton Kart Club round 7 Championship at the Three Sisters Race track at Wigan.  This time it was on the Valley circuit and he did much better than the last round!  The weather was better too although it alternated between glorious sunshine and torrential rain!

There were 12 Honda Cadets in total and because of his Novice status he started either 11th or 12th on the grid for each of the three heats (pre-set grid positions).  Heat 1 he finished in 10th place, heat 2 8th place and heat 3 in 6th place.  This meant he started in 8th place on the grid for the final and he did much better with the rolling grid starts too!

He finished in 7th place overall and took the Top Novice trophy!

Next race is 10 August - IKR Championship round 4.

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