Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Samuel's Test Day with CKSUK

Samuel had a test day with Champion Kart Services UK (CKSUK) yesterday and we had glorious weather!

Ryan put Samuel in a Cadet kart and let him on the track to see how he'd get on and rather surprised us with a respectable 50 second lap time.  A few tweaks on the kart and he went out again and got the times down to 47 seconds.  Few more tweaks and he went out a couple more sessions, each for around 10 minutes, and he managed 45 seconds.  All his laps were consistent although he had a few spins in the early stages until he got used to having to use his brake rather than lifting off for corners.

Samuel managed to knock in a high 44 second lap but Ryan wanted to see him get closer to 43 seconds and on his final session of the day, he got a 44.1 second lap which after a very hot and long day (with one shunt from another driver that bent part of the axle) was pretty respectable especially as it was his first time on the track.

We were also joined for the day by Tom Sansbury who added his GoPro Camera to Samuel's crash helment and filmed each of the track sessions (and probably a lot of grass footage and of Ryan talking to Samuel!)  Here is the last session of the day with the 44.1 second lap:

Thanks to Ryan, Mike, Tom and Helen for a great day at Hooton Park!

Probably more footage and photos to follow at some point!

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  1. Great smooth driving by Samuel there, he's got a bright future ahead of him!


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