Monday, 28 May 2012

Winner! Round 5 Inkart Cadet Championship!

It was round 5 of the Inkart Championship yesterday morning at Daytona Manchester.  After a 10 lap warm up / practice lap (Samuel set the second fastest time) and then three 10 lap heats in which had two first place finishes and a fifth it was the Final for all 9 Cadet racers.  He did some wonderful overtaking to be then placed first on the grid for the Final.

He led from the start and actually set the fastest time of the Final and finished just over 6 seconds in front of the second placed driver, lapped the last place driver and almost lapped the 8th placed driver just before the chequered flag.

The video of the final is below - just under 10mins if you want to watch it all!

Here is Samuel receiving his first place trophy from Mark:
And with all the other podium racers - the smaller ones are the Cadets.
And Samuel with his first place trophy which is even bigger than the two previous second place trophies!
So quite an exciting Sunday morning with a first place trophy that we certainly did not expect to win!  Samuel took 56 points from the race - only dropping 4 points - so it keeps him in third place overall in the Championship with a further 6 rounds to go.  He has gained points on the second placed and overall leader of the Championship.

Next nail-biting morning will be in 2 weeks time when Jacob completes round 6 of the Formula Bambino Championship!

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