Monday, 30 September 2013

Samuel IKR Championship - Round 5

Back at the 3 Sisters Race Circuit for the second race in a row but this time it was round 5 of the IKR Championship.  5 Honda's racing in a mixed class with 9 other engines.  Samuel was on the Club circuit again and was determined to beat his best lap time of 48.05 seconds!

He qualified as the second fastest Honda with a 48.140 lap, placing him 4th overall.  In the first heat he retained 4th place and again was the second fastest Honda and knocked a bit more off his time - 48.096.

Below is race footage from heat 1.

Second heat he went even faster and set a 47.814 lap which was not just the fastest Honda but also the fastest Cadet from all 14 drivers!  He retained his placings which meant he started in 2nd place for the Honda's in the final and was just under 3 seconds behind the heat winner which was Lee Chamberlain who Samuel regularly races with.

Footage from the final:

In the final, Samuel retained his second place but didn't manage to beat his fastest lap!  Here he is on the podium with Archie and Sam:

And with his trophy:

And if you are keeping count, that is the 12th trophy of the year which equals the number he won for all of 2012!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Manchester and Buxton Kart Club - September - 2nd Place!

Another weekend, another race!  This time, round 8 for Manchester and Buxton Kart Club and the first round of the Autumn Series. 

After a disastrous rolling start for heat 1 when the IAME's and Honda's were red flagged and given a stern talking to by the Club, Samuel finished in 2nd place for the Honda's and a fraction of a second 0.03 behind the lead Honda.

Heat 2 he finished 7th overall, right in the mix with the IAME's and again 2nd Honda, matching the time set by the lead Honda. Heat 3 he went across the line as the third Honda - 0.07 seconds behind second place. 

The Honda's were split from the IAME's for the final and Samuel started in second place.  There was a bit of a scuffle at the first corner and Samuel ended up dropping back to 5th place with what appeared to be a difficult and testing drive ahead to take the lost places back.

By the time he crossed the start finish line for the second lap, he'd got himself into third position.  The second place driver seemed to be too far ahead but Samuel just kept going and pushing forward until he caught up. From then until the 15th and final lap, he traded places 4 or 5 times per lap with driver number 43.  And despite the very close wheel to wheel driving, neither of them made contact!

Samuel never gave up and pushed and pushed and managed to hold off the other driver and claim second place as they went across the line - Samuel was just 0.1 seconds in front of number 43!  And because he was pushing so hard, he set the fastest lap time of 48.35 seconds!

Here he is with his trophy along with his new CKS t-shirt!

 And with Ryan from CKS and Garrett who won the IAME class:

Next race 28 September - IKR round 5!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Cheshire Karting Club Championship - Round 8

Round 8 of the Cheshire Kart Club Championship took place on 8 September with 13 Honda drivers in total.  This was Samuel's first race off his Novice plates and with the random grid positions for the three heats, he was placed on pole position for the first heat!  He dropped 7 places and finished 8th just 1.6 seconds behind the heat winner.

Heat 2 and heat 3 were better, starting in 6th place for heat 2, he made up 2 places and then three places in the third and final heat.  He was placed 7th on the grid for the final and maintained the place.

So no podium finish but it was a good race and experience starting within the pack rather than at the back as a Novice!

No blog post is complete without a photo so here is one of the stickers we bought from I Say Ding Dong - just so that the other drivers know who he is!

Next race is 22 September at Manchester and Buxton Kart Club!

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Jacob and His New Kart!

Although Jacob has the Intrepid kart, we wanted another Project One so we sourced one and Jacob had a day testing it at Hooton Park!  Birthday and Christmas present all rolled into one!

He consistently knocked his times down over the day and managed to go 8.44 seconds quicker in his final session than he did at the start of the day!

And here he is with the kart: