Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cheshire Kart Club - Top Honda Novice!

Samuel took part in his second MSA race at the weekend at a familiar track - Hooton Park - which is the home for the Cheshire Kart Club.  He'd had a good day practicing on the Saturday so was prepared for the race on Sunday.

As a novice he was placed 7th on the grid (at the back) for each of the 3 heats and also the final and the Honda's raced with the Comer engines.

Heat one he finished in 3rd place with a 43.24 second lap, heat 2 he finished in 5th place and did a faster lap with 42.62 seconds (which is his fastest ever at Hooton!) and heat 3 he also finished in 5th but the track was beginning to cool and he did a 43.07.

Despite the reasonable finishes in the heats, because he is a novice, he had to start the final at the back.  Samuel made contact on the first corner of the second lap and spun off and although he managed to get going again, he had a huge gap to the next driver.  He had a few more uncharacteristic spins before the checkered flag came down and finished overall as fastest Honda Cadet Novice and 6th in the Cadet class.

And here he is with his trophy:

The race results can be found here.

Next race is on 28 July!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Another Podium For Jacob!

It was Formula Bambino Round 7 last weekend at Daytona Manchester.  There were 7 drivers in total and Jacob set the second fastest time in his first heat with a time of 33.805 seconds.  In his second heat he went faster (the track was warming up as it was really hot outside!) with a 33.393 fastest lap.

Combining the two times together, this gave him an average of 33.6 seconds and good enough for second place and a podium finish!

He's can only compete in one more Formula Bambino before he turns 8, so hopefully, he will do just as well in that as he has been doing recently!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Teachers Strike = A Day Karting For Jacob!

Teachers strike = a day karting for Jacob!  This was his first time on the track at Hooton Park in the Intrepid, which is now his kart as Samuel has graduated to a Project One.

Fortunately, Jacob is a similar size to Samuel so his wet suit fitted - typical that it rained on his first time out on track!  And for a change, it was Samuel who just had to sit and watch!

He really enjoyed himself and can't wait to go again!