Wednesday, 26 June 2013

First MSA Race

Samuel took part in his first MSA race on 23 June at Three Sisters for the Manchester and Buxton Kart Club Championship round 6.

The weather was rubbish - cold and damp.  Samuel qualified as the fastest Honda Novice with a 55.34 fastest lap.  Heat 1 was a challenge but he still managed a quicker lap with a 54.83.  Second heat he moved up to 17th from 21 drivers overall with a time of 54.38.  And the final he finished 7th out of 8 Honda's and 18th from 21 and set a faster time of 54.22.

It was the first time he'd done a rolling start as he is much more familiar with a standing start, so he learnt quite a bit which will, hopefully help him for his next MSA race on 21 July at Cheshire Kart Club at Hooton!

No pictures or videos of Samuel racing, but here is one of Jacob changing a tyre!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Samuel - Round 3 IKR Championship - Three Sisters

Sunday was round 3 of the IKR Championship at the Three Sisters race track and Samuel was racing in his new kart!  The CKS team sticker kit has not yet been put on it so he was racing with black side pods and bumper and yellow stickers.

The circuit had been changed to the Valley from Club and its been a while since Samuel raced on it so he took it easy on the practice lap.  But still managed to clock the second fastest time with a 55.020 second lap.

He qualified in 5th place overall from 15 drivers with a 53.956 lap time.  The video below is from the qualifying session.

Round 1 he finished in 7th place after an uncharacteristic spin from Samuel and went marginally quicker with a best lap of 53.708.  Round 2 he finished in 4th place and went quicker - 53.456.  The combination of the two heats placed him 5th on the grid for the final.

And he finished 5th overall with a fastest lap of 53.847 and 2nd in the Honda engine class.  And here are a few photos of the podium and one of him with his trophy!

All the timing results can be found HERE.

His first MSA race is next weekend....!!  Black and white numbers are waiting to be added to his kart!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Like He's Never Been Away!

Samuel was itching to get out on track after watching Jacob have a podium finish at Daytona Manchester in the Formula Bambino Championship yesterday!  After checking that there was an available space in one of the practice sessions, Jacob quickly changed out of all his race gear so that Samuel could wear it.  The boys are a similar height despite the age difference so seeing Samuel dressed in Jacob's race gear was a little confusing!

Samuel had not been on the track at Daytona Manchester since the Festival and presentation of his Cadet Championship Second Place trophy on 23 December 2012 so it would be interesting to see how he did especially as he's now racing outdoors and it is very different to being indoors!

After a few laps of literally bouncing around the corner from coming off the bridge, he settled in and managed to creep up to be the fastest driver by lap 12.  He dropped down to second fastest and then took it back on lap 39 (incidently he was driving kart number 39 too!) with a 28.440.

Which, managed to be the fastest time of the day!

He really enjoyed the session and his overtaking was the best we'd ever seen him do at the track - really smooth and no hesitation when trying to get past the slower drivers.  Not bad to say he'd not been at the track for almost 6 months!  Samuel said after the race that if he'd have been in his own suit, helmet, gloves and boots, he would have done a 27 second lap!!

He's next outdoors at Three Sisters in the IKR Championship next weekend and then the following weekend is his first MSA race!!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Jacob Makes It Three In A Row!

Jacob has managed to make it three in a row in the Formula Bambino Championship at Daytona Manchester!  And he now has a full set (1st, 2nd and 3rd) of the trophies!  A link to the Facebook post from Daytona Manchester is here.

He wasn't quite on top form but managed a 33.752 lap in the first heat and a 33.861 in the second heat.  The average of the two times meant that he'd completed in the third fastest time and therefore a podium finish!

He got changed after his race rather quickly as Samuel was itching to get out on track.  And there was a vacant spot...... more to follow!!