Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Jacob Does The Double!

It's been such a long time coming that we didn't think it would ever happen! 

Round 4 of the Formula Bambino Championship took place on Sunday 14 April at Daytona Manchester and as Jacob had completed a rather good practice session the week before (he set a new lap record for the year!) and his football season is over, he wanted to enter it.

His first heat (two heats with the fastest average time of them determines where the driver finishes overall) he looked fast and managed to lap the other 3 drivers in the 15 minute session.  He looked not quite as quick in the second heat but still held his own.

Then its the announcement of the placings in reverse order once all heats have completed.  When the third place driver name was read out I knew Jacob had a podium finish but didn't know where!

Only first place!  AND he broke the lap record that he set the previous week by 1.3 seconds!!  Apologies for the blurry podium photo - I was shaking!

And here he is with his trophy:

And the new lap record:

It wasn't all good news for the day though.  Samuel had round 4 of the Indikart Championship at Hooton Park but didn't even get as far as qualifying due to some mechanical issues that could not be resolved.  Still, he has round 5 in May to look forward to and next weekend he's competing at Three Sisters at Wigan in their first IKR Championship for non MSA drivers.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Round 3 - IndiKart Championship 2013 - Hooton Park

Round 3 of the IndiKart Championship at Hooton Park took place on 10 March.  Samuel qualified in 7th place from a field of 18 drivers and after the first heat he finished in 10th place.

The video below is from heat 1 and you'll see some rather quick reactions from Samuel as he manages to avoid other drivers' interesting driving techniques!

He finished heat 2 in 5th place which gave him an average of a 7th place grid start in the final.  He managed to finish 10th overall but still picked up 4 Championship points.

He's currently 4th place overall after 3 rounds.

On-board footage taken with a GoPro Hero 3 Black.

Round 4 is on 14 April.