Sunday, 25 March 2012

Samuel - Round 3 Inkart Cadet Championship

Round 3 Inkart Championship - Cadet final.  I started in 4th place on the grid and gained two places by the time I got to the bridge.  Hope you can see the video below!  Turn up the sound so you can hear the race commentary

Here I am getting my second place trophy
 And here I am on the podium with the other winners including Juniors - I am closest to the camera
Me with my trophy

Friday, 9 March 2012

So Wet and Windy!

Daytona Sandown Park on 4 March - the boys had a session each on the track.  Their first time outdoors and it was chucking it down, cold and windy!  I had a hard time trying to film and keep my brolly over me!

Both boys did quite well although Jacob didn't get any times.  Samuel managed to get the fastest time of the day for Cadets on the Indy track - 47.153 seconds (lap record is 30.062) and yes, the weather was that bad!

Samuel in full wet weather gear before going on track:

Video of Jacob staying on the track: