Sunday, 26 February 2012

Samuel - Round 2 Inkart Championship

Here is a video of the first heat of the second round of the Inkart Cadet Championship at Daytona Manchester held earlier today.  I started first on the grid (its random placings) and finished first so I got maximum points for the heat.  It's only 10 laps so it doesn't last long!

The format had changed from round 1 and that it was grid finishes that counted rather than fastest times.

I finished third overall and got my first ever podium finish!  Here I am receiving my trophy:
 And me on the podium:
 And here I am at home with my first ever trophy!


Friday, 24 February 2012

Bambino Modules and Beyond at Daytona Manchester

Following on from the holiday karting the boys enrolled mid June 2011 at Daytona Manchester to undertake the three Bambino Karting Modules.  Jacob was almost 6 and Samuel almost 8.  They passed all three modules during June and July and then progressed to the Novice track (still outdoors).

After one session on the Novice track they both moved indoors onto the Intermediate track (approx 3/4 of the full track).  Samuel got to grips with being indoors very quickly and soon progressed to the Advanced (full track) which is 450 metres long with a hairpin bend and a bridge section.

Samuel completed three sessions on the Advanced track before he moved to Cadets shortly after he turned 8 on 17 September.  He then completed the Novice section in 11.522 seconds (12.5 second minimum requirement) and progressed to the Intermediate section.  After 12 sessions on this track against some much older drivers (age range is 8 to 15) his fastest time was 18.336.

He was now promoted to the Advanced track and would race against older and more experienced drivers in both Cadet and Junior classes.  Samuel completed his first Advanced Cadet session on 13 November 2011 and set a time of 27.540 seconds, finishing in 7th place (and last!)

Steadily chipping away at his times and improving his skills he broke through the 26 second barrier on 8 January 2012 with a time of 26.997.

Jacob completed 4 sessions on the Intermediate track before promotion to the Advanced track on 24 September 2011.  And after some footwear issues we bought both boys some racing boots from Zip North which vastly improved Jacob's lap times.  Why we didn't buy them before is beyond us!!

Jacob's first Formula Bambino Race took place mid October 2011 and although he finished last, he really enjoyed it and also took part in the November and December Races (links to race reports where available in sidebar).

His fastest lap so far was set on 15 February 2012 with a time of 30.719 as we have realised that Jacob was actually keeping his foot to the floor all way around the track instead of easing off for some corners.  Jacob had interpreted 'keep your foot down' literally!!

This is the start of Samuel and Jacob's karting journey!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Black Race Suit

Samuel in his first race suit (26 October 2011) bought from Zip North (along with the boots).  He normally doesn't look quite so surprised!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Where It All Started!

Here is where it all started!  Whilst on holiday in May 2011 we visited the North Devon Karting Centre in Barnstaple for something different to do.  Jacob's legs weren't big enough so he had to drive in a two seater kart with Dad:

But I was fine on my own!  Here I am in the pit lane waiting to get going:

And here I am on the track!

by Samuel